About Us


Acuity Consulting was founded in Seattle after providing years of traditional psychotherapy services to individuals needing support around their professional lives. We’ve built our practices around the recognition of the inextricable link of our client’s human selves and their professional success.

What we’ve heard, and what we deliver

Over and over again, we heard and experienced similar themes about human dynamics at work that interfered with collaboration, meaningful interactions, inspiring leadership, or aligned action.

We realized that workplaces could only be as high-functioning as the people who lead them – and collaboration can only be as effective as the human dynamics that drives it.

What distinguishes good from great organizations is their ability to create and maintain collaborative, deliberately developmental cultures where creativity and collective intelligence prosper.

We founded Acuity Consulting with a focus on getting the human aspects of these challenges right.

A Unique Perspective

With backgrounds as psychotherapists, we understand human and organizational systems – and the challenges to evolve them. Trained psychology, and the interaction of people within systems, we respect the strengths, motivations, and conflicts individuals bring to their roles at work.

Our interdisciplinary influences have deeply informed Acuity Consulting’s approach to leadership and team coaching – enabling the best of both worlds: experience as leaders, entrepreneurs, and clinicians and an eye for generational and collaborative dynamics as they unfold.

Our Coaches are Different

Acuity coaches are compassionate professionals with extensive education and experience in professional development. Our coaches have advanced degrees in psychology and relationship dynamics. In addition to essential psychological education, our coaches have years of personal and professional experience in Entrepreneurship, C-level leadership and coaching.

Colleen Hilton

As an Entrepreneur and CEO herself, Colleen helps high performers unlock their true potential. With a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, years of clinical experience as a marriage and family therapist, and personal success starting companies and building teams from the ground up, she is well grounded in clinical theory, professional expertise and real life grit. Colleen is uniquely positioned to help you grow into your best self.

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