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Helping others overcome their inner challenges and tap into their maximum potential as leaders is Colleen’s passion.

Colleen Hilton 

Executive Coach

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Being the leader of an organization can be exceptionally challenging, and exceptionally rewarding.  It can push you to the edge of your comfort zone in more ways than one, resulting in tremendous struggle and the opportunity to be lifted to new heights. The possibilities are endless. To really be effective in your role and love what you do, you need to be flexible, to approach each challenge with optimism and a personal sense of resilience. 

This is what I offer – the opportunity to access your inner strengths, confidence and learn new skills. Enabling you to make strong and clear decisions from a place of calm, even in the midst of a storm.

Connect you with your Inner Strengths

Underneath their strong and successful exteriors, many leaders are struggling as they try to balance the many demands upon them. There is often a fear of admitting this, at the risk of being perceived as weak. Complicating things further, many have a fear of failure, or even ironically, success. Still others battle with imposter syndrome, doubting their own skills, talents or accomplishments are due to their internal strength. 

These internal struggles extend to every area of life, and are not confined to the professional world. Often their relationships with their partners or children are negatively impacted, experiencing conflict, distancing or even infidelity. They may find themselves leaning into substances like caffeine, alcohol or even drugs just to get through the day. But it doesn’t have to be like this. I believe that the truly strong leaders recognize when they need support and are not afraid to ask for help. 

Asking for help means you’re strong enough to admit you don’t have all the answers. And that is the true mark of strength, and wisdom. It means you’re trying to deal with life’s struggles and uncomfortable emotions, with humility, and most importantly, head-on. It is in this moment, that our work begins. 

How It Works


Identify Your Needs

Finding the right executive coach is about "Fit for Intent".

What are your intentions and goals for growth?  Does this person have the education and background you need? Does this coach exude the professionalism you aspire to yourself?

Ask yourself these important questions to ensure your coach aligns with your intentions. 

Chemistry Matters

For every measurable data point to consider when choosing a coach, there is also an intangible one....the relationship. 

Utilize a discovery meeting to ensure that you "click" with your coach. 

The greatest growth occurs on the edges on our comfort zones. Your coach will be your ally in this journey and a solid partnership is key. 


Target Your Success

Central to every successful venture is a clear action plan. 

Want to become a better listener? Understand how relationships impact workflows and systems? Take the next step in your own career goals?

Build a customized roadmap, with the guardrails to keep you on track and the flexibility to adapt as you grow. 


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