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When you realize that you’ve gone from being in-the-groove to stuck-in-a-rut, Leadership Coaching can help.

Essentials For Larger Impact

Leaders have a tremendous impact on the organization…for better and for worse. Effective leaders are well equipped; they engage employees and teams, set the stage for greater morale and collaboration, and spark creativity that leads to productivity. In fact, decades of research shows that skilled management is essential to the overall health and vitality of an organization. 

Through leadership coaching, you can become highly skilled in how to build team morale, provide positive accountability, and build effective relationships based on trust and respect.

To become this effective leader, you have to engage many parts of yourself. Your coach will help you connect these parts like creativity, self-awareness, flexibility and confidence to your passions, strengths and purpose. Integrating all of these parts leads to the ability to engage and motivate others, while also finding the fulfillment and meaning you have been seeking.

What can 1-on-1 executive or leadership coaching do for you?

Get Personalized, Real-Time Support

from a trusted advocate and expert who guides your personal growth and development in tangible, practical ways.

Learn to Communicate

in a manner that builds trust and respect, reduces defensiveness, allows you to both be heard and hear others, and get better results from employees.

Learn about Emotional Intelligence

and discover new ways to improve both your internal experiences and your external reactions.

Learn Mindfulness Practices

and gain self-awareness to help you bring your best self to all situations.

Increase Organizational Productivity and Performance

by reducing resistance and developing better employee engagement, buy-in, and ownership..

A more centered, confident, and skilled YOU.

Our one-on-one coaching services allow you to build a trusting relationship with a professional, dedicated to helping you reach your specific goals. Become a more skilled manager or leader, find specific workplace-related solutions, increase effectiveness with teams, build greater trust and respect with others. Leadership coaching can also help avoid burnout, career stagnation, and boredom, resolving your specific roadblocks and challenges and helping you thrive.

As you become more centered, confident, and skilled, you are more able to bring to your organization higher morale, greater health and vibrancy, and more sustainable positive change.

Our Coaches are Different

Acuity coaches are compassionate professionals with extensive education and experience in professional development. Our coaches have advanced degrees in psychology and relationship dynamics. In addition to essential psychological education, our coaches have years of personal and professional experience in Entrepreneurship, C-level leadership and coaching.

Colleen Hilton

As an Entrepreneur and CEO herself, Colleen helps high performers unlock their true potential. With a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, years of clinical experience as a marriage and family therapist, and personal success starting companies and building teams from the ground up, she is well grounded in clinical theory, professional expertise and real life grit. Colleen is uniquely positioned to help you grow into your best self.

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