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We assist organizations and leadership in having a mental health strategy that supports employee wellness for the long term.

Getting Ahead

We are in a new era of reducing stigmatization around mental health. With that comes the increasing awareness that employers, organizations and companies have a responsibility to support the mental health and wellness of individuals on their teams.

Forward thinking organizations are focused on answering two complex questions:

One, How can they strategically invest in the mental health and wellness of their employees?

Two, How can they provide mental health resources, train managers, and create a culture that supports employee wellness today and is sustainable in the future?

We address key areas of organizational culture

Building a Mental Health Conscious Workplace

Fostering Healthy Connections, Boundaries and Relationships

Increasing Awareness around Neurodiverse Employee Populations

Meeting the needs of a Multi-Generational Team

Applying Interventions & Training

Fostering Healthy Connections, Boundaries and Relationships

The importance of emotional intelligence and relational well-being are increasingly being recognized by organizations. These topics impact how teams address challenges, celebrate successes and how individual contributors interact with the people around them…both in the office and with remote teams. Leaders and managers must learn to communicate with empathy and understanding, as well as clear expectations and purpose of the goals ahead.

Building a Mental Health Conscious Workplace

Successful organizations are building workplaces that are opening the conversation about mental health. They understand that personal struggles with mental health, and external societal stressors, can impact how a person responds to workplace stress, how effectively they can think, how they feel about their work and not surprisingly, their productivity.

Increasing Awareness around Neurodiverse Employee Populations

Progressive companies are aware that they can reach new heights by supporting team members who identify as neurodiverse (including but not limited to individuals with dyslexia, ADHD and autism). Leaders recognize the benefits of continually identifying new sources of talent and learning as managers, how to best support these professionals and accommodate their unique needs.

Meeting the needs of a Multi-Generational Team

Teams today are composed of as many as four generations, each with their own unique mental health perspectives and needs.

  • Gen Z – new to the workplace
  • Millennials – maturing in their careers
  • Gen X – assuming leadership roles
  • Two generations of Boomers – delaying retirement

Each group has unique stressors, needs and preferences for the workplace and from leaders. Therefore it is a necessity for leaders and organizations to build and sustain a culture that welcomes diversity of ideas and perspectives, to speak to a multi-generational team.

Applying Interventions & Training

Employing evidenced-based and specifically targeted interventions is critical to improving outcomes for team members with mental health challenges. Mental health is the most expensive category of healthcare costs for organizations across all categories.

As a result, many organizations are seeking mental health industry expertise for consultation to ensure that interventions and programs are effective in not only providing high quality outcomes for team members, but also in reducing overall healthcare costs to the organization.

Let us help you with:

Mental Health Strategy Development

Acuity Consultants will assist your organization with the development of a mental health wellness strategy in your workplace by creating customized mental health solutions and consulting services.


Mental Health Wellness Training for Employees

Our experts provide practical training in mental health topics specific to your company and culture.


Coworker Mental Health Training & Tools

Coworkers are often the first to recognize the signs of distress such as behavioral changes and performance difficulties. Let us provide training and tools for addressing concerns with coworkers and offering effective support.

Our Coaches are Different

Acuity coaches are compassionate professionals with extensive education and experience in professional development. Our coaches have advanced degrees in psychology and relationship dynamics. In addition to essential psychological education, our coaches have years of personal and professional experience in Entrepreneurship, C-level leadership and coaching.

Colleen Hilton

As an Entrepreneur and CEO herself, Colleen helps high performers unlock their true potential. With a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, years of clinical experience as a marriage and family therapist, and personal success starting companies and building teams from the ground up, she is well grounded in clinical theory, professional expertise and real life grit. Colleen is uniquely positioned to help you grow into your best self.

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